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This site celebrates the Crawdad….. Our delicious little friends from the water.

Crawdads which are also know around the world as crayfish, yabbies, and mudbugs are first cousins to the lobster. They are a part of the super-families Parastacoidea and Astacoidea. The oldest parastacodiea fossil that has been found on record is 115 million years old. It is unusual to find a crawdad fossil more than 30 million years old.

They breathe through feather-like gills and can be found in many parts of the world, most commonly the United States where over 330 species can be found. In fact, Louisiana is known for crawdad catching because it sets into production 90 percent of the crawdads that are found in the United States.

Crawdads live in water that will not freeze at the bottom which is commonly a stream or brook where fresh water is running. They cannot tolerate polluted water at all and tend to feed off of plants and living/dead animals as well.

Typically, crawdads are used to catch bigger fish but are not considered the best bait since they can fall off very easily. For a suitable companionship, crawdads can be used to catch large-mouth bass, channel catfish, pike fish and muskie.

Crawdads are enjoyed all over the world as far as their taste is concerned but just like with lobsters there are minimal parts that can actually be safely eaten. Typically, the crawdads tail is served when it comes to soups and bisques though the claws can be boiled and pulled apart which exposes a lot of meat.

Various countries eat their crawdads differently such as boiling it with multiple seasonings like in Mexico where crawdads are called acocil and were a very essential value where nutrition was concerned in ancient times. It can also be smoked or sun-dried like it is Nigeria or steamed whole with hot chili and sichen pepper like it is in China. No matter how it is cooked it is very popular in many countries.

If you don't want to eat them, then perhaps you will want to keep them as a pet. Crawdads can be entertaining pets; however they are very shy and can stay hidden under rocks and plants. They eat smaller fish, tropical fish, regular fish food and shrimp pellets. They can climb out of the tank if there is no lid.

They are neat little creatures and kids love to catch them, throw them back and catch them again!

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